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Our Solution Partnership Model...

      The Company developed a CONSENSUS MODEL that selects experienced subcontractors in the field of Textile and Technical Textile as its stakeholders. During the phase of developing the idea to establish the company, it was made sure that subcontractors included in the process take part in the model in semi-government format. This PLATFORM aims to achieve a strong integration, making use of expertise of its members.


KAVILTEX Teknik Tekstil works as a synchronization company and creates interest for all stakeholders and manage the model-platform at the same time and sub-stakeholders manufacture products, create value and bring money in their own category. KAVILTEX Teknik Tekstil orders are of top priority; however companies are free to carry out their independent works as well.


KAVILTEX Teknik Tekstil works as a synchronization company and creates interest for all stakeholders and manage the model-platform at the same time and sub-stakeholders manufacture products, create value and bring money in their own category. KAVİLTEX Teknik Tekstil orders are of top priority; however companies are free to carry out their independent works as well.


Power, speed, quality and flexibility arising from this integrated structure is reflected on customers of KAVILTEX Teknik Tekstil in the form of service and trade and as parent company works, sub-companies earn revenue as well. Main elements that this model is based on can be summarized as: internally "THRUST, SOLID CONTRACTS and TRANSPARENCY" and externally ORGANISATION, LOYALTY and RELIABLE POSITION.